Letters to the Editor

Graham letter: Trump victory

Since the election, the Statesman has stuffed itself with letters to the editor, opinions and “analysis” masquerading as news articles basically whining about President-elect Trump. The Nov. 22 letters page was no exception — Russ Holt of Nampa is “… dismayed and disheartened …” at the election results. I can only gleefully imagine how Robert Ehlert felt when Pennsylvania put Trump over the top.

I, on the other hand, am ecstatic bordering on giddiness at the results. Not because of Trump’s unexpected yet unsurprising victory, but because the Clinton cabal lost.

Hillary and Bill Clinton are corrupt, vain, narcissistic and were interested only in Hillary becoming the first female president. Neither of them cared one whit about America or American citizens and their problems. Their loss is definitely America’s gain. We are overdue for a female president — just not Hillary Clinton.

I have the same misgivings about Trump as I’ve had about any new president. Will they be up to the job? At the end of their term, will America be better or worse off?

The Constitution has spoken. All Americans must now stop whining and support the new president, because if he fails, we all fail.

Robert Graham, Boise