Letters to the Editor

Crosby letter: Voted for hate

America’s children have been abused. They have been abused by those who claim to love them unconditionally, and yet, these loving parents and friends voted for a Donald Trump. They closed their eyes and turned the other way. I am ashamed of this nation; as a parent, I am worried. I know three things for sure: 1) There is no room in this world for hate, prejudice discrimination or intolerance. 2) Hate mongers are impotent without their hate. 3) The most insidious form of child abuse is teaching children to hate. The vote was national acceptance of hate. As an Idahoan, I knew that as a state we generally vote right, even if it wrong. Idaho, you blew it. The ramifications will become apparent, but think of your children. They now believe that hate is acceptable, and that is wrong. Shame on you.

Stacey Crosby, Boise