Letters to the Editor

Bruce letter: Immigration

I am somewhat baffled by the continuing debate on illegal immigration. Somehow we are supposed to reconcile ourselves to it and say it is OK according to some. If I commit an illegal act I am not likely to get a pass due to unfortunate circumstances. That is what is proposed by many under the concept of amnesty for those that are here now. That is not OK with me.

I am cognizant of the fact that conditions where many illegals come from are far from ideal. I also realize that many illegals provide positive contributions to the country although I also think that they take away jobs from citizens in some cases. Nevertheless, the bottom line is that they are here illegally. They should be made to go through the same process as legal immigrants. Otherwise, our laws mean nothing.

My wife spent years of time and considerable scarce resources so she and her children could immigrate legally to the USA. Allowing illegal immigrants to remain makes a mockery of what she had to go through to get here. She probably could have just crossed the border from Canada to Idaho and stayed illegally. However, she did it correctly.

Robert S. Bruce, Eagle