Letters to the Editor

Barayasarra letter: Democrats

In reply to Juanita Bautista’s Nov. 27 letter.

I do not see any accomplishments to brag on or support from the Obama administration. All I see is Democrats rioting. This nation has not been this divided since the Democrat regime in the 1960s.

Most of Obama’s laws passed were by executive action, not by Congress as it should be done by law. He had a Democrat Congress his first two years but got nothing done except his disastrous health care bill. His first two years he did not ask for opinions. He did not want them. The damage he has done was without approval of Republicans. Republicans did not riot, smash other people’s property, loot or burn anything, we just kept working. See the difference? Republicans build things and Democrats steal them or tear them down.

Lately, RINO Republicans have given Obama everything he asked for. That’s why we got Donald Trump. As long as you have a victim mentality and blame everyone else for your problems, you will always be a Democrat. If Trump accomplishes a fraction of what he promised, we will all be better off, but I am not holding my breath.

Michael L. Barayasarra, Nampa