Letters to the Editor

Alvarado letter: Unsubstantiated claims

The vast amount of unverified and unsubstantiated information on the internet that finds its way into public discourse damages and degrades our democracy. A gentleman claimed in a recent letter to the editor that (in excess of) a trillion dollars could be raised from opening the California coast to development. Is that true? What does the correspondent know of the California Coastal Commission and its development policy, which has been in force for over four decades at the behest of the citizens of California? What is the source of his estimated funds to be yielded from the proposed development? Would the people of Idaho trade development along the entirety of the Snake River as a condition for allowing this development? I propose that the Statesman ought to convene a panel to assess claims that circulate and to fairly judge them with the evaluations made public. In the interest of raising and enhancing civic literacy, the press is an excellent vehicle for making this happen.

Mike Alvarado, Boise