Letters to the Editor

Howard letter: Religious right

The “religious right” is arguably the most powerful voting demographic in America. When current torch-bearer Franklin Graham endorsed Donald Trump (a scam artist who conned a nation — a proud Hedonist whose lust for money and power is exceeded only by his denial of global warming), Franklin single-handedly trashed both democracy and Christianity. Partisan politics defiles Christianity.

Until nominated, most GOP leadership rejected Trump, but to the religious right it’s all about stacking the Supreme Court to overturn Roe v. Wade … even if they have to shake hands with the devil to do it … even if America burns while they fiddle with democracy.

The religious right often point to a quote from a young, unseasoned Billy Graham (he was 34): “For unless America turns back to God and repents of its sin … we will fail as a nation.” That quote is a direct reference from II Chronicles 7:14 (Old Testament … Judaism ). Israel was a theocracy (government ruled by one religion only).

A thousand years later, Jesus explicitly separated His ministry from all government. He obviously had a very good reason for establishing that precedent.

For democracy to succeed, “freedom of religion” must also include “freedom from religion.” America’s Founding Fathers followed Christ’s example, separating “church & state.”

Michael F. Howard, Boise