Letters to the Editor

Webster letter: Trump win

I suspect that the liberal, narcissistic celebrities who claimed that they would leave this country if Donald Trump was elected are of the certain opinion that their words would cause the gnashing of teeth and utter dismay among the populace. But I have some news that will most likely come as a huge shock to their egos. There are millions of us deplorables out here who do not recognize it as a threat, but rather fervently hope that it was a promise that will be kept. And if they could somehow convince the incompetent, corrupt Hillary Rodham Clinton and her grifter husband to accompany them, then those of us who do not suffer from liberal dementia would have reason to celebrate as ecstatically as we did on election night.

Please, please, please, keep your promise. Your leaving this country would immediately make it a better place to live and would be a great start to Make America Great Again.

Lynn Webster, Boise