Letters to the Editor

Young letter: Donald Trump

Estimates suggest by midcentury whites will be the minority race. Health care costs are skyrocketing, and nature keeps finding ways to multiply deformities and disabilities in the womb — increasing potential for lifetimes under medical care. So it shocks me the Republican agenda intends to mandate childbirth.

Reputable studies say 50 million abortions occurred since Roe v. Wade became law. Imagine our population at 370 million; you think we have high unemployment now? Where would Trump find 50 million more jobs? How many of those 50 million would be nonwhite? I wish nobody chose to abort a birth, but I can’t see how forcing women to bear children will “make America great.” Sounds more like something the Islamic State or North Korea would do.

Trump lost the popular vote by millions. He lost the actual “will of the people.” It is time to “repeal and replace” the current Electoral College system. Meanwhile, good luck, Mr. President-elect — don’t mess it up; don’t bankrupt our republic. Good luck, America.

Jefferson Young, Boise