Letters to the Editor

Pluntze letter: Protesters

One of the many radiantly positive takeaways from the election is that it irrefutably demonstrated the ever-increasing irrelevance and ineffectualness of both the mass media and also celebrities when it comes to swaying voters. I’ve never seen more publications and celebs actively, angrily and repeatedly coming out against what turned out to be the winning candidate; whether it was The New York Times, The Washington Post, Katy Perry, Robert DeNiro, Samantha Bee or Bruce Springsteen. Voters clearly sent a very loud and important message of their own: “We really don’t care who you think we should vote for.” ... a message that unfortunately is currently not being heard by the gaggle of self-important, obnoxious, mass hysteria-driven protesters/media lovers who, oddly, seem to think it’s not a good or encouraging thing that we’ve now elected two consecutive non-firmly-entrenched-D.C.-insiders as president of this country. Only time will tell if Trump proves to be a true independent spirit or not, but he, like any other recently elected president, has the right to prove himself worthy of the office he was elected to, rather than being repeatedly harangued by selfish, childish, pointless protesters who have only proven themselves to be merely children growing older, not adults.

John Pluntze, Ketchum