Letters to the Editor

Martin letter: Election

First, I would like to thank the Statesman for allowing me a degree of latitude in publishing my letters over the years, and did not fault you when endorsement was made for Hillary Clinton. As an Independent, I did not celebrate nor did I seek counseling for depression on Nov. 9. I had no dog in this hunt as results of a powerful two-party system. Still, the scathing comments from HRC supporters in opposition to opinions expressed in letters by Trump supporters, I find very disturbing. As to the Obama legacy: I have analyzed and tried to comprehend how the son of interracial parents could not find common ground to bring this nation together. Known as the first “black” president, he had the heritage of both black and white lineage, but chose one ethnic group over another. I will leave it to political historians to judge his time in office. There’s a quote that says “great leaders are not born, they are made.” BTW, I’m the son of a Hispanic mother, and white father, and all American.

Gene Martin, Emmett