Letters to the Editor

Ascencio letter: Trump-immigrants

Sven Berg’s article quotes Ivan Carrillo, who is a local advocate for Latinos who works as a paralegal out of a Boise law firm.

Carrillo is quoted that students are saying what the president says, which is all Mexicans are bad, all Muslims are bad.

Trump is the president-elect and not yet the president. It is untruthful for Carrillo to state this, as Trump has never stated all Mexicans or Muslims are bad.

If Carrillo is quoting these false statements to anyone seeking his advice then he himself is at fault for spreading unjust fear.

Also not factual is the statement that Trump has created a hostile atmosphere due to his descriptions of Mexican immigrants. Trump’s issue as most Americans is with illegal immigrants, not Mexican immigrants, and the fact that we must enforce current law and our borders while allowing legal immigration.

I hope Carrillo extends his efforts to educating any people he associates with that may be here illegally on how to navigate toward becoming a U.S. citizen versus complaining the enforcement of our laws is unjust and unfair.

David Ascencio, Meridian