Letters to the Editor

Tiffany letter: Media and protests

One need only to look at today’s media for an alternative universe with respect to handling political differences. The ultra-left media has forgotten its obligation to report objectively. Anchors, correspondents and network executives have apparently become numb to the plight of the average American. Reporting with the primary goal of self-aggrandizing by media outlets aligning themselves with the liberal elite has done a tremendous disservice to much of our country’s population, as we see the spiteful backlash following the presidential election results. Many are in disbelief, protests abound, and calls are growing to ask delegates to change their votes. This is the epitome of hypocrisy, given the lashing that was directed at Trump when he said he would wait and see how the election was conducted prior to being willing to accept the results. The entitled class, which was all but promised perpetual coddling in exchange for gifting more power and control to their purported benefactors, is now throwing a temper tantrum from coast to coast. I hope and pray we can learn to appreciate political differences, accept the election results, and all work hard to “Make America Great Again.”

Scott Tiffany, Meridian