Letters to the Editor

McOmber letter: Trump and media

The Statesman Nov. 8 “Analysis” was titled “The media didn’t want to believe Trump could win.” After reading it, perhaps a better title would have been “The media didn’t want Trump to win.” The bias is best captured in the last paragraphs where the clear implications are that Trump lacks decency and civility; and is crude, spiteful and intemperate. Then goes on to say that journalists should not be faulted for saying so, clearly implying they believe it. Speaking of decency and civility, I suppose they should not be faulted for not reporting much, if any, of Clinton’s foul language and abusive outbursts out of the public eye. I suppose they should not be faulted for ignoring the festering public disgust with the political status quo, Obamacare, etc. Oh, addressing those would not be good for the Clinton campaign. I can fault a lot of journalists for many things, but the liberal bias in much of the mainstream and local media ranks No. 1.

Mac McOmber, Eagle