Letters to the Editor

Lehman letter: Statesman reporting

For the third time I’m terminating my subscription to the Statesman. Why you may ask? Simply this. I want and will pay for a newspaper that provides me with factual information, free of any bias, which I can then use to make an informed decision. During this last election cycle the Statesman failed miserably to do that. Articles, political cartoons and editorials all weighted in on the left telling just how flawed Donald Trump was. Granted a few and a very few had a conservative slant.

This was then followed up by an editorial telling who to vote for. After the election results I now find myself reading articles and cartoons that are telling what a disaster our country is going to be with Trump as president. I personally have had enough.

I’m a registered Independent and not a big “Trumpster” fan because he failed some items on my litmus test but he is our elected president and I’ll support him. Who I vote for isn’t really anyone’s business but I’ll gladly tell you what kind of presidential candidate I never will vote for and that is a totally corrupt and pathological liar, which is something the Statesman chose to ignore.

David R. Lehman, Garden City