Letters to the Editor

Holmes letter: The future

I am watching and deciding my action. I can hope it was hopelessness that led to a Trump victory. Perhaps it was the premium increases. Perhaps it was the FBI. Perhaps the election was rigged. There was definitely rhetoric out of the president-elect’s mouth before the election that led me to be worried. I like the call for unity but am not sure I believe it’s real. I am afraid some nutter will attack a mosque or synagogue; things like this have already happened. Maybe even my synagogue here in Boise. I am afraid that human rights will be taken away. I am afraid that many of us will lose our access to health care. I am afraid that the people from the rust belt were told lies. They need to be retrained. I worry about my friends with alternative lifestyles. I am unhappy that my children need to leave Idaho to seek a better future. White supremacists scare me. Isolationists scare me. My people and relatives were killed in gas chambers. This country is my home. I am American first and a Jew second. But I am an American because I am free to be a Jew.

Debbie Holmes, Boise