Letters to the Editor

Profit letter: Protesters

My first thought? “Tell us what you want.” This in response to the “protesters.” Protesters? More like looters and arsonists. You do not get taken seriously by the majority when the only thing you have done is chant and destroy property. What is your cause? How is breaking glass and starting fires helping your cause? What do these acts represent in your cause? You want attention? Well you got that. Now I ask that you calm down and communicate your thoughts. Tell us what you want done and we’ll discuss how to achieve it. It’s no wonder why people are fed up, re-read this letter? It’s like trying to reason with a toddler. How are you not offended by your own actions? Your signs clearly state “Love trumps hate!” You change nothing with violence. You’re educated people, use your words. Articulate your passion to achieve change. Calm down, go home, take inventory of your fears. Then inventory your skills. We all know what the problem is but I don’t see how rioting (a violent disturbance of the peace by a crowd) is the same as protesting?

Tracy Profit, Caldwell