Letters to the Editor

Bergamo letter: Wolves in Wilderness

Regarding death of collared wolf.

The great, unblighted Frank Church wilderness ... until Idaho Fish and Game committed a wildlife violation in a federally protected wilderness. Bringing in a helicopter to chase down wolves and collaring four wolves. Idaho Department of Fish and Game also brought in a state-hired hunter to kill off nine wolves, before deciding to pull the hunter out. Wow. A black eye on IDFG? More like a travesty. IDFG blames miscommunication. This agency has more excuses for violations against wolves than a 4-year-old caught in a cookie jar. The blatant disrespect for a species has gone on far too long.

Now it includes the blatant disrespect for a natural, magnificent, federally protected wilderness.

No surprises here. IDFG is run by Gov. Butch Otter and his hand-picked anti-wolf posse. Keep the Frank Church wilderness wild.

Tari Bergamo, Priest River