Letters to the Editor

Holt letter: Protests

I am about as dismayed and disheartened as it is possible to be at the results of the recent presidential election. However, my advice to those out on the streets protesting Trump’s win is this: “Go home and be quiet! What you are doing is counterproductive and serves only to make us Hillary supporters look like sore losers. Take a cue from the candidate herself, who so graciously acknowledged and conceded her defeat and who pledged her best efforts to help move the country forward.”

If the situation were reversed and it were Trump’s supporters protesting the election results, imagine the contempt and scorn we liberals would be heaping on them for their failure to abide by the results of a legitimate election. It’s time to demonstrate to the country and to the world that democracy is alive and well in the United States and that we respect the majority will of the people — no matter how misguided we believe that will to be.

The time to protest Trump’s policies and actions is when he takes office and actually initiates policies and actions with which we disagree. Meantime, let’s be quiet, and hope for the best.

Russ Holt, Nampa