Letters to the Editor

Shuker letter: Protests

Trump has disrespected our country’s basic values and most of our citizens. So, if we protest in the streets, that is our right to stand up and let him know that what he has done is not acceptable and not who we are. He owes this country an apology and a promise that he will honor his office by being a president that does not hold us up to ridicule and embarrassment. Folks, being politically correct is the way we show respect for people that are different from us; being otherwise is not cute or smart. Trump has a long way to go to earn or respect and support. Republicans, you have the control, so you need to prove you can do the job to make this country a better place with opportunity for everyone. We are watching you and will hold your feet to the fire, so get to work and prove you can do the job. You no longer have any excuses.

Mary Ann Shuker, Nampa