Letters to the Editor

Lowery letter: Pro-Obama

Bill Clinton left a surplus in the Treasury at the end of his eight years. He was a very accomplished president. Then George Bush came in under very suspicious circumstances and immediately gave the one-percent and corporate America huge tax cuts. His next move was to invade a sovereign nation based on lies. We are still in that fight after 14 years. The situation is far worse than when it started. The refugee crisis is one of the most dire results. Now we are $3 trillion dollars later and more importantly thousands of young Americans dead and many more thousands disabled. Thousands of families destroyed. President Obama accomplished many great things in spite of a “do nothing” Congress.

Now we have an immoral, unethical, dangerous and totally inept “president-elect” along with the “do nothing” Congress. Environmentally and economically this combination will set the country back decades. They have no proposed programs to do anything. As a matter of fact, this is the group that has a goal of wiping out the middle class.

Wake up America and see what you have done. Perhaps Putin did have a part in the Florida votes and in other close states.

Odos Lowery, Boise