Letters to the Editor

Cooke letter: Trump supporters

After reading the article from Jill Filipovic Nov. 10 (“Time to speak up for women’s rights”), I’m truly embarrassed for her and those who think like her. According to her, anyone who voted for Trump is racist, sexist and a homophobe. Maybe she prefers to blame everyone else possible, except for the political disaster that is Hillary Clinton. Evidently, liberals like Filipovic don’t understand democracy, and that sometimes ... the other side wins (That’s deplorable!). No wonder this country is so divided if our newspapers are publishing this type of vitriol. When Barack Obama won the last two elections I got up the next day and went on with life. When the Republican wins, liberals run through the streets and destroy store fronts and intimidate people. However, to make Filipovic happy, I will agree to call my 77-year-old mother right now and berate her for voting for Trump.

Jason Cooke, Boise