Letters to the Editor

Calhoun letter: Immigration

Front page story on Sunday, Nov. 13, “Many Latinos feel hopeless after election,” Ivan Carrillo said, “He (Trump) made it acceptable to be racist.” The problem is people like you and your “immigration law firm” who have made it acceptable to be here illegally. Let’s not forget that immigration laws have been ignored and broken. Some are here illegally. That is the point. Period. You are making it acceptable to break laws. What other laws can we consider optional? Trump has been crystal clear, go back home and come back legally. And don’t start with the “can’t tear families apart” nonsense. They ripped their families from their homes, risked their lives coming here illegally, and have lived here illegally ever since. Not the epitome of stability. All immigrants are welcome here, as long as you do it legally.

William Calhoun, Boise