Letters to the Editor

Tisthammer letter: Donald Trump

Will the Trump Idahoans voted for drain the swamp, investigate states receiving billions more Fed money than they pay into Fed government, and make them pay their own wages, and taxes?

Will Trump bring jobs, money back, deport illegal immigrants, and support in the process U.S. infrastructure, education, health care, and economy?

Will Trump stop money leaving America, money to Raul Labrador’s homeland Puerto Rico, $70 billion, and Idaho according to the Idaho Statesman?

How much federal funding does Idaho get? More than most states. Idaho gets proportionally more than 35 other states. $2.6 billion from federal government for coming year. State’s low income means higher federal reimbursement rate.

In 2013, the latest year for national rankings, federal assistance to Idaho was 34 percent of all state spending, third-highest rate of federal matching funds for social service, medical and medical insurance expenditures, currently 71.5 percent.

The federal reimbursement rate computed by measuring state average per capita income relative to the national average. In 2014, Idaho’s per capita income was the fourth-lowest in the nation.

Will Trump investigate Idaho scandals involving Fed money, Broadband, Corrections, Tax Commission, Treasurer, Idaho DOT, and more costing Idaho and America billions?

Or will Trump fail deliberately?

Scott Tisthammer, Boise