Letters to the Editor

Rybka letter: Thank you

With all the bad news one tends to forget about all the exceptional people we are surrounded by in Idaho. People who will take time to help others when their own lives are so busy.

I have had Rake Up Boise for the last two years. Last year there were adults with many little children and they were amazing. This year there were 16 vehicles lined up along my street and in two hours they picked up 53 bags of leaves for me and 26 for my neighbor.

Wow. I work on leaves here from the time they begin to fall until Dec. 7 or so, and I appreciate this help from them more than I can say. (There was one mother with teen twin girls.) One fellow blew off my roof and another young lady cleaned a flower bed (not in the job description). Goodness.

Bernice Rybka, Boise