Letters to the Editor

Morse letter: Hill and Trump

Brent Hill (Guest Opinion, Nov. 10) has already adopted the language of Trump, labeling those who voted for Hillary as “losers.” He believes in “Divine Destiny,” so the agency of man apparently has no hand in our future. No personal accountability needed. He admonishes “winners” not to gloat, yet says, “I am excited.” He advises forgiving and praying for Trump so God can change him. Perhaps Brent prayed about killing the horse racing industry in Idaho, and God told him, “Do it. They are losers.” So who are the winners in this election? Racists (“Mexicans are rapists”), religious bigots (ban Muslims), xenophobes (stop refugees), misogynists (She’s a fat pig), Wall Street banks (repeal Dodd-Frank), rich folks (tax cuts), tax avoiders (“because I’m smart”), con men (Trump University fraud case), climate change deniers (“it’s a hoax”), media haters (“They’re all dishonest”), polluters of the environment (gutting EPA regulations), pathological liars (numerous Pinocchio/pants on fire ratings), sexual impropriety (“When you’re a star, you can do whatever you want”), the healthy (goodbye, ACA), bullies (make fun of those with disabilities), POW haters (“I like people who are not captured”), and narcissism (“Only I can fix it”). Losers? Common sense and human dignity.

Rod Morse, Meridian