Letters to the Editor

McFarland letter: Donald Trump

The election is over, with, to me, catastrophic results. Others view it as a complete victory, preferably with no prisoners taken, just outright devastation for the losers — at least that is what the opinions and statements seem to indicate. Trump’s comments that he will be a uniter and president for all of us is more of his flim-flam. The leopard cannot change its spots and Trump’s vicious campaign rhetoric is the true Drumpf. I highly respect the Office of the President but I do not, and cannot, respect the demagogue who will occupy that office on Jan. 20, 2017. Our country is now faced with a crisis almost as devastating as that of the Civil War, and Trump is not Abraham Lincoln. Trump’s words and actions do not inspire us, they evoke a great fear, while his supporters hope all “others” different from them are crushed and discarded forever.

Janette McFarland, Fruitland