Letters to the Editor

McCarthy letter: Donald Trump

Leitmotifs in Trump’s presidential candidacy:

Demonstrated following:

(A) Toxic “Billy-the-Kid Syndrome”

(I) Gunslinger/supreme individualist and sociopathic/psychopathic frontier mythology

(II) Lone outlaw-outsider, Brexit-bully

(B) McCarthyism as Neo-fascism

(C) Insane Gen. Jack Ripper (“Dr. Strangelove,” 1964)

(D) MTV’s electronically-incoherent blond babbler, “Max Headroom”

(E) Alt-right, Biblical savior

(F) “Apple-gist”— “Saturday Night Live comedic term for “apologist” — regarding self-admitted, patterned sexual assault (via audio on videotape)

“Trumpcratic” mosh pit-presidency: nationalizing totalitarian, fascistic manhood means attacking and marginalizing femininity, womanhood, LGBTQ, nontraditional masculinity.

Patrick McCarthy, Boise