Letters to the Editor

Angell letter: Protesters

I am more than disappointed with the actions of protesters proclaiming Donald Trump is “Not My President.” In 2008 and 2012 when Barack Obama won the election, he also was “Not My President” for many in the United States. He garnered 53 percent and 51 percent respectively of the popular vote but nearly half of our citizens did not vote for him. We hear from much of the news media that the far-right faction of the Republican Party consists of angry white males, racists, uneducated women, bigots and misogynists. However, I saw no demonstrations of raging, dissatisfied voters burning the American flag, setting fires, spewing foul language and destroying neighbors’ properties. Now, some college professors have even excused students from taking exams due to the “stress, anxiety and fear” of a Donald Trump presidency. Are university students so fragile that when things don’t go their way, they cannot cope? Recent events show me that these protesters and others in our country have no intention of giving the president-elect an opportunity to unite us as was expected of voters in 2008 and 2012. America will be more divided than ever before — a sad commentary to say the least.

Michelle Angell, Boise