Letters to the Editor

Smith letter: Post election

In spite of Trump’s proven record of misbehavior and a career based exclusively upon self-promotion and enrichment, Hillary Clinton lost the election. Prior to 1993, I lived eight years in Arkansas and benefited from the capabilities and hard work of a dedicated and well-qualified Arkansas first lady (Hillary) who consistently placed the needs of Arkansans above her own. For instance, she helped handicapped children receive excellent special educational assistance under an Idaho-like state budget. Hillary has an impressive history of laudable public service, was an excellent first lady, U.S. senator and secretary of state and yet was somehow considered less trustworthy and honest than a fraudulent self-promoter like Donald Trump. After reviewing the election results, it’s painfully clear that angry, insecure and undereducated white men (and their wives) put Trump into office. It’s tragic that the most talented and qualified candidate lost such a crucial election — not because of “trumped” up charges (email abuse — really?) but because she’s a woman. Ironically, the very people who put Trump into power must also endure the coming years under the inept and dangerous leadership of a misogynistic, narcissistic and hateful president.

Brett D. Smith, Eagle