Letters to the Editor

Dewey letter: Reasons Trump won

Rocky Barker’s message to Trump after the election was, “You have beaten the odds to win the presidency, playing on the anger, anxiety and despair.”

To his credit he didn’t throw in racism, sexism and bigotry as has been included in numerous letters to the editor and news stories.

Such accusations are an insult to half the American voters who did go for Trump. The reasons the clueless media gives for our vote only illustrate that they are living in some fairy-tale existence. Here are the real reasons that I, and most of my friends, voted for Trump, that have everything to do with policy, not some raw uncontrolled emotion: supports freedom; more efficient health care; economic reform — he knows the value of a dollar demonstrated by the fact that he spent about a third as much as Hillary, yet won; no forced vaccinations; will make good deals; will improve relations with Russia; will secure the borders; expresses a reluctance to get involved in foreign conflict; hard worker, will fight for what’s right; will use common sense measures against terrorism; Supreme Court nominations; smaller government.

Joseph J. Dewey, Boise