Letters to the Editor

Silva letter: FBI and Clinton

Since I was a kid, no matter what was wrong with our political elements we could always count on the Justice Department and the FBI to keep the players honest. Now it is over with the corruption from the presidency floating downhill it has infected that former honest department.

By influencing the man we all thought was honest to the core, our “Deflector of the FBI,” “Phony Comey,” has had his puppet strings pulled from the attorney general, the president (small caps) and the powerful but dirty Clintons.

When you give immunity to five people and they all plead the fifth, the fix is in. In a way I felt sorry for Phony Comey to have to put a brave front on and tell the citizens he did the right thing. He has lost all dignity with everyone who witnessed this farce of an investigation.

I pray for change and hope a new regime will clean up this travesty before we have our children inherit the earth.

Dave Silva, Boise