Letters to the Editor

Logsdon letter: Clinton endorsement

The Idaho Statesman has, once again, shot an air ball. The liberal-leaning staff endorsed Hillary Clinton in the presidential race and Donald Trump not only carried Idaho, rather easily, but also the national election. Here in Idaho only approximately 28 percent of those casting votes followed the Statesman’s lead and voted for Clinton. In comparison, Donald Trump won over 59 percent. Not even close. More than twice as many votes for Trump as for Clinton. As mentioned by many others before me, the Statesman is not in tune with the ideals of the people in the great state of Idaho. Get a clue, Idaho Statesman, and fervently attempt to understand the people whom you serve.

Capitalism, religious faith, law and order, and a move away from special interests prevailed on Election Day. It is truly a new day and a new time.

William R. Logsdon Sr., Boise