Letters to the Editor

Leibach letter: FBI and Clinton

We the American people owe the men and women working within the FBI a big thank you. I am not a fan of big government and I feel Washington does not understand or reflect the attitudes of the American people. That being said, Oct. 28 a number of FBI career professionals finally said, “enough is enough.” They made it very plain to the politically appointed members of the FBI that it was time to be straight with the American people. To be clear, they did not suggest or state guilt or innocence, they simply stood up and said, “We have credible information that warrants further investigation and the American people should know about it now.” They did their job.

With the election behind us, the question we the people have to answer is, do we have the right to know that a candidate for the president of the United States is under investigation by the FBI?

Chipp Leibach, Boise