Letters to the Editor

Pierce letter: Expand EITC

It’s time to look ahead to what our new president and Congress can accomplish in 2017.

Here’s a suggestion: they can start by expanding the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC), which lifted millions of Americans out of poverty in 2015.

The EITC made a world of difference for me in 2010 when I was struggling after a lay-off, but it still leaves out millions of low-wage workers without dependents. As it is currently, single low-wage workers without dependents are almost entirely excluded from the credit. This group of workers is actually taxed into poverty. This makes zero sense. If the EITC is expanded, an estimated 64,000 Idaho workers would benefit. The folks benefiting from the EITC put money into Idaho’s economy whereby generating revenue. It is a win-win.

We should urge the next administration to expand the EITC to all workers, so they too can make ends meet and have a shot at a brighter future.

Dawn Pierce, Boise