Letters to the Editor

LeBow letter: Medicaid gap

Thank you Sen. Dan Schmidt for your Guest Opinion on why it is important for Idaho to close the Medicaid gap and for your thought-provoking account of your conversation with your conservative colleague.

My husband was a physician and for most of my life I was among the fortunate few who had a doctor on call almost 365 days a year. If it had not been for my husband’s catastrophic accident on the way to work, I would not be writing this letter.

If it had not been for his accident, I would not have known the anxiety of decision-making when health insurance doesn’t cover the needed medical care. I would not have felt the embarrassment of not knowing if I could pay the patient’s portion of the medical bill.

If it had not been for my husband’s accident I would have continued to be among the lucky few who thought that health insurance problems would never impact me personally.

If this issue isn’t important to you, perhaps because your own health insurance safety net is too strong to fail, maybe you just lack imagination.

Gail LeBow, Garden City