Letters to the Editor

Jacob letter: Whitewater park phase 2

I attended the Boise Whitewater Park planning meeting Nov. 2 and am confused at some of the missed opportunities. They city has hired Scott Shipley of S2O Design to design phase 2 of the park. Scott is a three-time world champion whitewater slalom racer and former Olympian. Despite this, the city has not asked him to design any whitewater slalom features in the park, and said that they’ll manage that “operationally.” To put this in perspective — it’s like paying Arnold Palmer to design a city park, and telling him — “Don’t worry about designing any holes for golf, we’ll figure that out later on our own.” This is a historic missed opportunity for the city of Boise. But it’s not too late. The park is in the design stage for phase 2, and I hope the city will ask Shipley to plan some slalom portions of the park.

Ben Jacob, Boise