Letters to the Editor

Anderson letter: Honoring military

Veterans Day is a time when we reflect on the sacrifices so many have made to protect our freedoms and advance American values at home and abroad. It is also a time to be thankful for the important roles local military members have in our communities — roles we too often take for granted. There are many examples of patriotism and valor in the Treasure Valley and all of Idaho. We are incredibly fortunate and proud to have veterans and both active and reserve military personnel as colleagues and employees at Idaho Power.

These men and women who are serving, or who have served our country, are our neighbors and family members. They are leaders in the communities in which we live and some of the first to extend a helping hand when there is a need.

Time and again, these service members have been called on to serve, both within the state of Idaho and abroad. They have answered the call, and I am truly grateful for their service.

Darrel Anderson, president & CEO, Idaho Power Co.