Letters to the Editor

Wright letter: Convention of States

Article V of the U.S. Constitution provides the states with a path to amend the U.S. Constitution. Our founders provided the states with this tool to rein in the federal government if the time ever came that corruption and bureaucracy might wrest powers from the states and freedoms from its citizens. An increasing number of Idaho’s state legislators believe the time has come to support a Convention of States.

The John Birch Society stands in opposition to Idaho’s participation in a Convention of States. Conservative JBS was founded as being anti-Communist and pro-Constitution. With their efforts to oppose Article V of the Constitution, they are opposing their own principles and taking sides with the behemoth bureaucracy in D.C.

Idaho’s JBS has been successful in past years to thwart Idaho’s legislative efforts to pass bills supporting Idaho’s participation in a Convention of States. Idaho’s state legislators this year should recognize that by yielding to JBS’ emotional outcry, they are encouraging an expanding liberal and progressive federal government.

This year watch how your district legislators vote on Article V legislation to see whether they yield again to JBS or join with 24 other states having passed similar bills and resolutions.

Dick Wright, Boise