Letters to the Editor

Murphy letter: Fruitcakes

As a person who has spent a large portion of my adult life trumpeting the many virtues of the noble fruitcake, I was shocked to see your article on Nov. 2 suggesting that it was time to make the fruitcake. Personally, my fruitcake was baked over a month ago and will enjoy a fresh basting of alcohol every few days through at least mid-December. Further, I’m not aware of any true fruitcake aficionado that would wait until November to bake their fruitcake, unless they’re baking for the following year. More horrifying however, was your endorsement in the fruitcake recipe article of the use of that disgusting candied “fruit” that comes in tubs at the grocery store to make a fruitcake. Oh, the humanity. The fact that an otherwise reputable newspaper like the Statesman would print such horrors can only serve to further impugn the name of the humble, yet noble, fruitcake and is yet another example of how far us Fruitcake Justice Warriors still have to go to vindicate the name and reputation of this delectable holiday treat.

Tim Murphy, Boise