Letters to the Editor

Kuntz letter: Auction tags

Recent actions by Pocatello millionaire businessman Doug Sayer and Gov. Butch Otter to circumvent existing wildlife management policies, manipulate the Idaho Fish and Game Commission and bulldoze the majority of Idaho sportsmen for their personal benefit are disgraceful and cause for public condemnation from Idaho’s sportsmen and women. This all stems from the nearly unprecedented removal of two popular IDFG commissioners earlier this year due to their refusal to bow to political pressure to increase the number of auction tags Idaho allocates. Recently, emails were unveiled from Sayer to Otter’s office stating: “I must recommend to you that we do not reappoint Mark Doerr or Will Naillon when their term expires in June.” Idaho currently allocates one auction tag per year, which goes to the highest bidder and allows that person to hunt bighorn sheep. Sayer has purchased this tag three times in recent history and in 2010 he hired a lobbyist to push legislation that opened the door for the Legislature to override the IDFG commission and mandate increased auction tags.

It is time we stand up to Sayer and his cronies, Rep. Mike Moyle, R-Eagle, and Sen. Steve Bair, R-Blackfoot, and stop their push for more auction tags.

Josh Kuntz, Boise