Letters to the Editor

Jones letter: What failed policies?

I am confused when I read about the “failed” policies of the last eight years under President Obama. The national debt has doubled under Obama, yes. It doubled under Bush II. It nearly tripled under Reagan. So, who failed here?

We have more people working now that Obama has steered us out of the Great Recession. Wealth for many people has increased, especially for the wealthy whom the GOP represents in large part. More people have health care, albeit under a fairly new system that needs some fixing, yes.

More non-fossil fuel energy is being produced in the United States today than ever before, and we have increased our fossil fuel production, as well. The automobile industry, upon which a large section of our economy depends, has been resurrected and is thriving. We have eliminated many evil people, like Osama bin Laden. I could go on with a litany of other accomplishments under Obama.

So, I am confused. What are these “failed” policies? If more people did their due diligence and abandoned ideological prejudices (including Congress), we would have been able to accomplish so much more for our citizens under President Obama.

Dean Jones, Donnelly