Letters to the Editor

Tousley letter: Balance Legislature

How do we avoid the election cycle malaise-to-rage moments? Consider:

1) Forgetting about the “up-ticket” race. Idaho’s four Electoral College votes will not change the outcome. Let it go …

2) Reinvesting in the future you want for your children and grandchildren in Idaho. Idaho ranks 4th with citizens earning minimum wage. How can these Idaho citizens help build our economy if they are barely in it?

3) Electing candidates who actively support public education. A well-educated population is the carrot to entice business. Education equals choices for our children and their children.

4) Tax incentives for businesses have not created good-paying jobs. Period.

5) The Idaho Legislature has a “supermajority” of Republicans (81 percent). One party creates and passes laws without any meaningful debate. A supermajority in government by any party is not a healthy environment for ethical governance to thrive.

6) Current elected Democrats must have exceptional qualities to beat the odds in our state. They need our help. A balanced Legislature means constructive legislation, creating solutions for all Idaho’s people.

Unbalanced Legislature means business as usual. It’s time for a change. I urge you, make the change needed for Idaho’s future. Send in the reinforcements.

Rick Tousley, Lewiston