Letters to the Editor

Goyden letter: Crapo endorsement

Regarding your endorsement of Senator Crapo in the Oct. 27 issue of the Statesman: You said: “… someday Crapo might once again live up to our expectations…” and also: “We are not convinced Crapo is back on track …” and more: “… he may be lost, coasting or drafting off a reputation….” Then you go on to say Jerry Sturgill lacks experience and tenure. Of course he does, he hasn’t been in office yet. Then you add a most condescending disqualification of “… he’s not yet ready to be entrusted with a six-year term in the Senate.” So your logic is if one doesn’t live up to expectations, is not on track and may be lost or coasting, that these are good qualifications for yet another term of mismanagement. Your self-asserting opinions are insulting.

Robert Goyden, Boise