Letters to the Editor

Landers letter: Nothing will change

Nothing will change with the election because the people don’t matter and have no voice, but the media always has a say and the propaganda that goes with it whether they be to the left or right. GOP or Democratic parties are about the lobbyists or special interests groups, so I won’t vote because I see the same old promises and the same old tired leaders who care more about themselves than they do for the issues because I hear no one speak about the poverty and homelessness that is rising or our cities in ruin. Where is the outrage over the violence in Chicago or children dying in the streets or children who are hungry or families trying to survive and carve out a living on low wages? Instead it is politics as usual and filling their pockets from big corporations. America needs a voice of conscience, not one that kisses up to big corporations, but one that saves the mom and pop store or puts food into those who are hungry and homeless but also provides opportunities to those less fortunate. So we need to stand and make our voices heard.

John Landers, Wilder