Letters to the Editor

Kopelowitz letter: School bus drivers

Do you want a job where you are sworn at, ridiculed and are surrounded by 30 unruly people? Then become a school bus driver. An article in the Statesman reported that a school bus driver was suspended because kids in the bus were unruly and he hit the brakes causing a concussion to one student. Of course the parents of these youngsters blame the bus driver for doing it on purpose, not their “innocent” angels. The driver said he was distracted. That seems more likely. Whatever these bus drivers earn, it is not enough. Almost every day at the Meridian Middle School there are adults waving signs trying to get people to stop and sign up to be tortured as bus drivers. It’s no wonder the schools are short of drivers. These drivers need more authority to discipline the kids. Kick the unruly ones off the bus and have them call their parents (most kids have phones) to pick them up or they can walk home like kids did before school buses. Seat belts would be a good start in all school buses. Make it that the bus could not drive with any seat belt unbuckled. That’s easy technology today.

Marty Kopelowitz, Meridian