Letters to the Editor

Crow letter: Moving forward

Assuming recent polls are accurate, our next president will take office without having won a majority vote. So I ask: Where do we go from here? What is the best way forward when our next president does not have the support of most voters?

First, I would encourage any losing candidate’s supporters to focus on areas of agreement, rather than spending the next four years trying to make our next president fail at every turn. There is common ground. Be willing to give a little to get a little. Most good legislation has something that both parties like and dislike; but stalemate helps no one.

Second, let’s not accept public discourse that dredges through the muck. Ignore political hyperbole; the next president is not likely to take us past the point of no return, nor to save us. But the next president will be our president — not the president of the Republicans or the Democrats. As such, this person deserves our respect and prayers.

Lastly, let’s all do our part. If enough people commit to making their community a better place, then no president can ruin this country. True power rests in all our hands.

John Crow, Boise