Letters to the Editor

Turner letter: Endorsements

I will quote from your newspaper, Oct. 27, where the Statesman Editorial Board has chosen to endorse Hillary Clinton and now extend their endorsement to James Piotrowski based upon “Who is best equipped to do what is best for Boise, the Treasure Valley, Idaho and the nation?” Neither of these candidates qualifies as described by the Statesman quote and philosophy. I am saddened that this board of poorly informed Treasure Valley residents can be so wrong in their deliberations. In my opinion, your paper and Editorial Board do not reflect the attitude, behavior, beliefs or thoughts of this community and I am sorry that you accept their advice in your endorsement. None of your current reporters and especially the editor of the Opinion Page would understand former Senator Steve Symms campaign slogan, “Vote for Steve Symms, the Statesman made me do it.” I want to thank the Statesman because as I vote, I will vote for Donald Trump and Raul Labrador because “The Statesman made me do it.” The ongoing scourge of progressive, liberal opinion writers you choose to publish in the Statesman is a disgrace to Boise, the Treasure Valley, Idaho and the nation.

Fred Turner, Boise