Letters to the Editor

Narducci letter: Wildlife auction tags

Eastern Idaho millionaire Doug Sayer and his band of loyal politicians, including Sen. Steve Bair and Rep. Mike Moyle, are attempting to sell off our wildlife to the highest bidder by mandating auction tags. Wildlife is a public resource and management decisions regarding this resource belong to science and input from those who fund the IDFG department — sportsmen and women. The emails revealed by the Idaho Wildlife Federation clearly show that this is not an attempt to raise money for the department, but a way for those with wealth to play outside the rules the rest of us abide by so that they can simply purchase the best hunting experiences. Putting a dollar amount on wildlife is strictly against the North American Model of Wildlife Conservation and its successes, but Sayer and his elected associates don’t care about successful conservation initiatives. They simply want to manage a resource that belongs to all of us for themselves, introduce legislation to legalize their pet project, so they can have their fun little hunting parties at the expense of the rest of us. And to keep it a secret with plans to introduce new legislation without telling sportsmen — shameful behavior.

Jenna Narducci, Boise