Letters to the Editor

Love letter: Endorsements

Though I just voted early for neither Hillary nor Donald, I’ve been following with interest all the angry letters to the Idaho Statesman for not endorsing Trump.

Of around 100 major newspapers in the U.S. who’ve endorsed thus far, 95 percent have gone with Clinton. Trump has one that could be considered major: The Las Vegas Review-Journal (owned by far-right casino billionaire Sheldon Adelson). The other six are tiny by comparison: The Santa Barbara News-Press, St. Joseph News-Press, Waxahachie Daily Light, Times Gazette, Antelope Valley Press and The New York Observer (owned by Jerod Kushner — Trump’s son-in-law).

Such a minuscule share of endorsements for a major-party candidate is unprecedented in American history. The very conservative San Diego Union-Tribune made their first endorsement of a Democrat in 148 years. Other major newspapers who broke with long traditions of Republican endorsements are The Cincinnati Enquirer, The Dallas Morning News and The Houston Chronicle.

Rather than yelling at the Statesman and threatening cancellation, it might be prudent to ponder why only one major newspaper in the entire country has endorsed Trump. Is it because they are establishment elitists or simply observant critical thinkers who know better?

Rob Love, Boise