Letters to the Editor

Salzberg letter: True spirit of giving

Many people in prison have no family or friends that help them by contributing to their commissary account.

You ask why should I consider a criminal at this time of year? A small gift to a prisoner with no commissary would brighten a person’s day. It might make them feel that there is still hope because someone remembered them. Think how you would feel around Christmas and you have nothing, not even a snack. Usually once a week they get a chance to buy a little something to make the dreariness of their situation go away for a little while. The prisoner could buy a candy bar or a soda when others do so each week and they are left out. How would you feel if you were in prison and no one cared enough about you to even send you a little money each month so you could have a snack? Prisoners have made mistakes but they are still loved by the creator. This would be a wonderful way to start the new year and really brighten someone else s life with no thought of a reward. This is true spirit of giving.

Cheryll Salzberg, Boise